Classroom Grocery Haul

There is nothing worse than trying to be productive when you’re hungry. At least, that’s how I feel. I’m very aware that I’m a better teacher and colleague (& daughter, friend, girlfriend…etc) when I’m properly fueled, so it’s no shock that I keep my classroom stocked with essentials. I take a separate trip to the grocery store every so often specifically to shop for my classroom stash. Whenever I need a pick-me-up during the day, need to stay late at school, or just didn’t pack enough for lunch, this stash is my lifesaver.

All of the things I buy to keep as part of my classroom stash are low maintenance and don’t require a fridge or microwave. I keep it all in a sealed plastic bin to avoid bugs or any other visitors! The only appliance that my grocery list calls for is my mini kettle that I keep at work. I use one by the brand Bonavita. I also keep reusable silverware, a bowl, and a mug with me at work.

So, what was on my most recent classroom stash grocery list?

Bottled/Gallon Water: I make every effort to keep myself hydrated throughout the day, and this involves keeping an H20 stash in my classroom. The filtered water dispenser is on the bottom floor of my school, and since every second of my prep period is precious, I usually don’t make it down there from my 4th floor classroom, so therefore I always have water on hand.

Tea bags: Feel tired? Drink tea. Feel sick? Drink tea. Students misbehaving? Drink tea. For some reason, to me, tea just makes everything better. I like to keep a caffeinated variety as well as a decaf blend as part of my stash.

Lemons: My students love pointing out that there are always lemons on my desk. They actually worry and ask about it when there aren’t any! I drink lemon water all day (soooo many amazing benefits) and also love a nice squeeze of lemon in my tea.

Oatmeal: If I forget to pack breakfast, or just don’t feel like packing breakfast, having oatmeal is clutch. I like the plain, instant oats. Just add hot water & you’re good to go!

Applesauce: This is a healthy, inexpensive, and quick snack to have on hand. Fantastic on its own, or dump it into your oatmeal to make it a little extra fun.

Almonds: They’re delicious, they’re nutritious, they’re not messy, and you can pop a couple in your mouth quickly without anyone noticing. Literally the perfect snack. Just be careful to not keep these in your room if any of your students (or colleagues) are allergic!

Individually portioned SkinnyPop & pretzels: Sometimes you just need to munch on something while you’re grading papers, am I right? These individual portion-sized bags give you the snacking experience feel without mindlessly consuming way more calories than planned.

I consider myself lucky that I take the train to work and don’t drive, because driving and parking stress me out, especially under a time constraint. Well, this also means that everything I bring to work accompanies me not just on the train, but on the subsequent walk from the train to work. Usually, I haul a few things at a time. Luckily, a really nice grocery store just opened up down the street from my school, so this has made my grocery shopping/lugging way more convenient as I’ll just do it right before or after school. Another awesome option if you don’t feel like lugging your groceries or love saving time is to order your classroom stash on Amazon pantry and have it delivered.

Happy (classroom) grocery shopping! What’s on your list?


One thought on “Classroom Grocery Haul

  1. I’m not a teacher but I do love keeping snacks on hand at my office. We are located near convenience stores and a few restaurants so it’s tempting to go grab something quick and easy (which isn’t always healthy!). I like to keep fresh fruits, dried fruits, bottled water, and nuts. I’ll be adding a few of your ideas to my list, too!

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